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1-03-2015-SITE UPDATE

A Dream experience 2/15/11

I was walking with many others on a winding paved road alongside the ocean. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were all enjoying the sunshine and the waves splashing up on the shore so close to us. Suddenly a man appeared from a short distance up the road ahead of where we were, from around a curve and shouted to us ..with great excitement.” Hurry.. The whales have entered the Bay!”

We all hurried around the curve in the road , and saw many whales. I counted 13. They were leaping and jumping out of the water, and as they did, a great bright violet light emitted from the heart center of each one, along with rays of silvery light. These rays streamed not just to all of us standing there, but to the earth, the water and all around the world. They would return to the water and emerge again and again, jumping and splashing with the rays traveling everywhere.

I share this with you, for the Rays of light from their hearts were for all of us.. all of creation- earth- and all life upon and within it.

Thank you dear whales- family from the stars





Are you Ready?
As you continue to rotate inwards, as you continue to spiral to the center, as much washes away, be at peace. These are the days for which you were created. To behold and enhance the process of involution partnered with evolution.
No words can adequately portray or explain what you are now experiencing. The maya is shape-shifting as the dimensions overlap and play amongst themselves.
Be centered and open…release what reveals itself as ready and willing to depart. Hold on to nothing for stability.
Love is all there is.




In a meditation that I experienced this evening, I was flying through the night sky. I looked to my left and saw a wondrous giant butterfly flying next to me. It was a beautiful blue color and riding on the body of the butterfly was a large turtle. As I watched them flying with ease, I received a knowing.

People speak and say " the earth is changing"--"the people are changing" etc......This butterfly and turtle were showing me.. it is the energy of change and creation that is carrying the earth and all of us....Change, like the transformative energy of the butterfly, is happening and we, and the earth, as represented by the turtle, are being carried along by its wings, resting securely on the body, the center of the flow.

As this butterfly flew without hindrance through this vast starry space, I FELT the enormity and the beauty of what we are experiencing. All we have to do is remember that we are safe within the wings of creation creating itself. Whatever we are experiencing in our lives is the effect of the change that is naturally happening. The butterfly has gone through its stages of being and is now fully blossomed and flying with ease. Aho

Welcome to my web site. Here you will find services, inspired messages and more to perhaps assist in your personal Remembering, Awakening, and Be-ing the Truth of all that you are. Thank you for sharing part of your day with me. May your visit here contribute to your life in a loving and positive way.



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"Seeing God in All things and knowing All beings as your own self is Realization"

Amma~Mata Amritanandamayi Math


As we rest, and wake a little, to slumber again-so from beneath the cover of fleeting dreams of birth and death, we rise for a while and fall asleep again, and dream another earthly dream of struggle.

On the sledge of incarnations, we slide from dream to dream. Dreaming, on a chariot of astral fire, we roll from life to life. Dreaming, we pass through dreams, failures, victories. Dreaming, we sail over trying seas, eddies of laughter, whirlpools of indifference, waters of mighty events, deaths, births--dreams.

It was only in Thee that I awoke!

And then I knew that I was dreaming, while I thought I was awake. 

Paramhamsa Yogananda-- from his book

~Whispers from Eternity~


"Always affirm inwardly, 'I am ageless, I am eternal. I live in timelessness. I was created before the galaxies were formed.' "

Paramhamsa Yogananda..from ~The Essence of Self-Realization~


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