Meditation--Merging with your Buddha Nature

From my understanding, "Buddha" means "awake", and each one alive possesses "Buddha nature". As we all have probably noticed, the concept or way of being that is Buddhism is on the rise in the west. There is a peaceful, calm energy that comes to "mind" when one encounters a statue of Buddha, or sees a bright orange or maroon robe adorning a monk. It conjures up peaceful retreats, snow capped high mountains, centuries old chants, beautiful relics, and of course, the Dalai Lama, a living Buddha. I pray that this meditation experience that I am sharing will Bless you as much as it has me. Namaste......

Begin by setting your intention to merge or align with your Buddha nature. Create a serene atmosphere in your physical surroundings, in whatever way is perfect for you, ie: Light a candle, burn your favorite incense, unplug the phone, put on some of your favorite music. This is your time. Clear your mind, sit or lie comfortably, take some nice deep breaths, and center yourself within your familiar place of peace and tranquility.

Close your eyes, see yourself surrounded by a beautiful crystalline golden white light, and breathe in its essence of love and protection. Allow the outer world to drift into its own arena. Be aware of your breath and the breath moving through your body. Do your best to stay detached from any thoughts that may arise—simply allow them to flow. Become aware of the miracle that is your life.

As your inner and outer peace deepens, begin to envision within your minds eye, that you are being transported to a Celestial realm. Allow the flow of energy that you have created, to transport you to this wonderful place and soon you will see/feel before you, a White Marble Temple. Look at your form and notice what garment now adorns your body. Feel the serenity of this place, and now float or walk towards the Temple entrance.

As you enter the Temple, expand your awareness and notice the size of this building, the size of this realm. Feel yourself moving effortlessly deeper and deeper into this Temple. The serene atmosphere here seems to permeate every cell of your being, and you breathe even more deeply and contentedly.

You notice the White Marble columns that you pass, and you feel the presence of many other beings although you may or may not actually see anyone else.

As you float deeper into the Temple, you now see before you a Golden glow of light that is so soft and so radiant, you realize that it has been magnetically pulling you towards its Center. As you draw nearer to the Center, the light starts to take shape and you see that it is a very, very large Golden Buddha statue. Its energy draws you to within 10 feet of it and you slowly come to a stop.

Your eyes take in its grandeur and peacefulness, as you visually examine it from bottom to top, its Golden luster caresses and bathes you. As you scan the closed eyes, a beam of light begins to emerge from the Third eye area and cascades towards you, and then completely surrounds you. As you breathe in this Divine celestial mist, you are transported up into the Light and into the Third Eye of the Buddha. At first perhaps all you see is white, and then you may start to feel or see something before you. This will be individual for each one. Stay with this moment for as long as necessary, so that you receive the full transmission of energy.

When that feels complete, float downwards through the Ray of light returning to the floor. Gaze upon the Golden Buddha as long as you like, feeling, sensing, receiving, flowing within its soft Golden aura. When you feel complete, return your focus to the entrance of the Temple and begin to float or walk towards it. Know that when you reach the entrance and move out of the Temple, you will find yourself back fully in your physical surroundings once more.

Sit in peace and tranquility, with the experience, for as long as you need. Slowly bring your awareness fully back into the room and your body, taking some deep breaths. Open your eyes when you are ready.

Through the vehicle of your intent, You have just experienced your own Buddha Nature. Allow this natural aspect of who and what you are, to integrate within the moments of your every day life…

May your mind Be peace.