Crossing the Threshold





Thousands of your years have passed since you have been privy to the light that is now upon you. Within the dawning of the 2012 doorway, new opportunities of living will continue to enfold you as you allow the old to drop away, and we say again..AS YOU ALLOW THE OLD TO DROP AWAY.


The pull is strong within the current tides to stay in the comfortable zone-the zone that you know, but it is what you THINK you know that has the potential to hold you back the most. The mind is a great deceiver and loves to play games with its pre-conceived surroundings and so creates comfort zones. It is the mind, the human mind, which is experiencing the most powerful of changes through this threshold that has been happening for over 25 years now. Your soul is and always will be soul…your heart space is and always will be your connection to all that is…your body knows how to change and evolve instinctually…but the mind, the place where ego resides, is where change and evolution is potently occurring.


Thought patterns and ways of believing that have been entrenched, are being stimulated by waves of higher vibration and frequency. Pay attention to your creative urges and create and respond to the feelings that arise from within. The mind certainly may come forward with the ancient phrase--‘but I have never done this before’. But do your utmost to not allow fear or old thoughts to hold you back from being all that you are.



The doorway of 2012 is continuing to allow very pure frequencies of love to permeate your present world, which is why there will be more upheaval in many areas. The DOOR of the Golden future is already open, and sometime in 2012 humanity will cross an energetic threshold, gliding deliberately into crystalline love and light. There will not be an instantaneous change, but a continuation of what is already occurring. The threshold that will be crossed allows a heightened frequency of vibration to be revealed within. When that happens, many may feel nothing and some may feel everything. Each one will react individually, and all responses will be appropriate.


During the current times, stay focused on the day and the nights you are living. Do not attempt to cross the threshold before it appears, for there are preparations you are each undergoing, in your emotional, electrical and physical fields that are vital. Love vibrations are being ramped up in potency slowly and there are adjustments that are occurring within all of humanity even as you read these words. People everywhere are noticing their new response to life situations. Their desire for peace and harmony is increasing so much so, that some who were never previously willing, are taking steps in their personal lives to create a more harmonious life within their inner circles.


These are precious days you are living, and as much as you may feel the roller coaster, just hang on to the firm foundation that is in place. It does not matter whether you are one that has been ‘awake’ for years or if have just awoken to the truth. And what is Truth you may ask? It is very simple--that everything around and within you is already God. Humanity, the Earth, and all of the levels of society are already in a creative state of perfection. The God clock of evolution is on schedule and YOU are a vital component. Whatever your relationship is with life, BE present with it and as you have heard so often and have said so many times to each other--GO WITH THE FLOW.



We, a group that call ourselves Davana, are a group existing within many dimensions, the same as you.  It’s just that we are not gowned with flesh as you are. We, are simply family members, who are cheering you on, and holding the crystalline space for you, anchoring the foundation of love into your heart and most especially YOUR MIND. You embodied to remember the Truth with a cloak on-to push past what appeared to be in front of you, to surge forward into the unknown, knowing all the while that somehow you KNOW THE WAY HOME. And to remember fully that the Home that you have never left is within. The energetic forms that you see around you, such as furniture, animals, cars, food, colors, etc, are expressions of many many dimensions and times. Geographical areas on earth, are replicas of areas on other worlds and planets. The Earth is indeed a melting pot on multitudes of levels! You have created for yourselves so many hints and clues as to who you really are. And it is not for us to tell you who you are-it is for you to re-member. The energy of re-membering is beyond words and the potency of that flow is crucial to the threshold you are in the process of traversing.


We offer these simple steps for each of you as you live your life through the doorway. Be compassionate with your life and with those around you and with the world in general. Remember that the picture you see before you, is merely energy in form-one that was created for a certain time and is slowly dissolving like rain washing away a picture on a canvas. Hold a loving directive within your mind that will allow all former mental paradigms to be released-simply give yourself permission to think new thoughts. Thoughts, in the third dimension are linear in their energetic make up and what is occurring, as the higher dimensions are merging with the third, is that a circular flow is gently being introduced into the process of thought.


This is one of the changes we spoke of that is occurring. And as you feel this, it may be your experience that you are mentally confused at times. The natural conclusion is that you are losing your mind, when in truth you are simply allowing it to be receptive and revived within a more harmonious flow. This change is represented in the outer world, as ‘old structure’ falling away. One of the ways this falling away will be evident is through architecture, as even now, circular inspiration is and has been received and soon will be increasingly visible in the world of form.



If you feel the need to tie up loose ends with people or places, do just that, in whatever way feels right for you. Simplify your life as much as you can, and we know you are already feeling this urge. As you release physical objects and former spiritual tools, you are allowing the energetic adjustments to birth from the codes within and reveal to you, new ways of living.


And remember your dear planet Earth. She is certainly crossing the threshold right along with you and is undergoing her own changes and shifts. As much as you are changing, so is she, for every time a mountain heaves or earth is washed away and rearranged to another location, the Earth feels all of this in a deeply personal way. Imagine your own skin and blood being visibly altered-sometimes very violently. How do you think this would feel to you? She is you and you are her and this interaction between you and her will continue to increase in the years ahead of you. Become ONE with the Earth, allow your fields of perception to expand and simply be AWARE of your surroundings.


So many of you are here as time walkers and have returned to incarnate now, so that you can assist in humanity crossing the threshold that is 2012. Each one alive has a purpose and reason for being here. Some are seeding scientific energies, while some are lighting the way for improvements in human health and well being. Some are here now, having not incarnated on Earth for hundreds of years, for they were studying and learning on different star or planetary systems. There are so many that walk and live the energies of peace and harmony in their every day life, without fanfare or disclosure. Some have walked-in or merged with their human mirror, to support the flow of the dimensional shift that is occurring. Many of you are caretakers of the animals and are also communicating and learning from these dear companions. They too, are here to be here, just as each rock, stone, fish, tree and insect, is here by Divine Design and they are just as vital as every human. Respect all forms of life, whether you perceive they are animate or not.


And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, take one day at a time and deliberately create a time within each day to be, in silence. Silence is the doorway to the infinite, the entrance to re-membering and is the pathway of the threshold you are now living. Remember that you are living on one of billions of worlds and the evolution that is occurring here on Earth, and within you, is occurring across and within all of creation. Enjoy the ride ! and allow your MIND the Grace to change.     PEACE