Parable #1




It was so very hot that day. Jasmine wondered how she would survive the afternoon sun. It seemed as if her years of living in India hadn’t prepared her for this day as she walked along the worn path. She kicked up the dust with her toes, just to witness some movement. “Maybe if I do this long enough the air will see what I am doing and come back to life,” she thought.


Her mother had asked her to travel to the neighboring village to pick up some special threads that a friend had purchased in Mumbai. “You are old enough now to do this for me and I know you will find your way and be safe.”


Jasmine’s thoughts wandered here and there as she walked…..”Why do the elephants have so much fun in the water…how do the ants stay alive when people are walking everywhere? And why oh why did my mother ask me to do this”?


She had wanted to stay and play with her friends, for she was so tired of studying the books and learning the mantras of her family’s Guru. “What difference does it make if I know how many planets there are in the sky, I will never go there --it’s not like I will ever bump into one”. She laughed to herself as she thought of what it would be like to be high enough in the sky to actually have to watch out for a traveling planet!


Suddenly, the thought of planets and stars filled her mind with wonder and as she got lost in these thoughts and feelings, suddenly the path was not so dry and dusty and the heat not quite as hot. And then she realized that she had arrived at her destination.