St. Germain--Clearing your Energy Fields/Grids

Our personal energy fields extend outward, surrounding and enfolding each of us in love, sometimes extending for miles in all directions. Our fields can become repositories for all that is evolving to its next expression of light, whether from within our own self or another.

I was given/shown this technique by St. Germain some years ago, and utilize it faithfully, at least once or more a week and as needed. After being in a crowd, such as the mall, grocery store or movie theatre, I find it very beneficial to clear my fields. Sometimes , when I come home after being with large groups, I feel emotionally or mentally agitated or physically sluggish. I always feel different after a clearing session—sometimes feeling generally lighter, or more peaceful. Each session will be its own length of time, depending on how much energy is clearing--I have never had one go beyond 10 minutes. When you get accustomed to doing this, you can do it easily anywhere. I found the main thing is to hold the focus of love throughout.

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and focus your aware consciousness into your center. Invoke the energy of St. Germain to be present and ask for assistance in clearing your energy fields. (Also feel free to call upon any spiritual master that you feel an affinity with, to join in as well.) You will begin to feel or sense the energy that is known as St. Germain, and you may also see a violet color within your inner vision.

When you feel ready, state this phrase--your intention--either silently, or out loud,

"I ask for a clearing of any and all energies, entities, thought forms, or emotions, which are not in resonance with my highest good, that are releasing from within, or that may have collected within my personal energy field. I ask that all be cleared with complete love, and guided to their next perfect place, space or time."

~~Make this your own by using whatever words you wish ..the above is simply a framework or guideline.~~

Now visualize two large screens, or mesh, on either side of you, violet in color. You can visualize them as being the same size as your physical body, or as large as your entire energy field. But either way, know that your entire field is being cleansed and cleared. With your intention you are going to move the screen on the left side of you, across and through your body from left to right and at the same time the screen on your right side, will move from right to left.

They will cross in the middle and move out the opposite side from which they started. As they travel, the screen will catch or collect the energy that is ready to leave your field, or that has come into your field on its way to the light. I see this as a dark clump on the screen itself. You will see or sense whatever is perfect for you. I keep my focus on my physical form, and as the screens leave my body, they keep moving out to the farthest edges of my fields.

When that pass feels complete, visualize two screens once more, but now one is above your head and the other below your feet. And again, allow them to start moving, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. When that is complete, now, create 2 more screens, one in front of you and one in back. Repeat the movement of the screens, passing through your physical body as well as your energy fields.

The last two passes are a diagonal direction. One screen will be positioned at the right foot, and move to the left shoulder, with its opposing screen moving from the left shoulder to the right foot. And when that pass is complete, repeat this on the opposite foot/shoulder, i.e.: first screen starts at the left foot and moves to the right shoulder, and partner screen, starts at the right shoulder, and moves to the left foot.

Again, allow them to continue, and you will just feel or know when the pass is complete. (Also, there is no set way to visualize this routine…you may begin with any of the 5 directions.) There have been times when I have noticed that they will slow or almost stop in certain areas. When that happens, I know they are clearing a particularly dense piece.I keep my focus of love and continue to breathe slowly and deeply. I continue to see the screen moving, and if an emotion or thought arises I simply notice it, love it, and let it go. Remember that all emotion and thoughts are pure energy, and as such can be moved consciously.

When I feel complete with the entire session, I see/feel all of the screens continuing to move away from my field and see them transmute into a total violet color and then simply dissolve into light.

See and/or feel the healing violet light surround you completely. For me, the violet light becomes a very large egg shape. It permeates every aspect of your being and seals in the energy of love and transmutation.  

Then see/feel a beautiful ball of Violet Light within your heart center. Feel its strong pulse glowing, as your heart is filled with this energy of transformation. Then send it in a stream, upwards from your heart, through all of your higher chakras, out into the cosmos.

At the same time, send a stream of Violet light from your heart down your spine, and deep into the Heart of Mother Earth. Feel/ see the flow of the Violet Light through your spine, each of your chakras---see it moving in both directions simultaneously---stay within this flow for about a minute--knowing that you are clearing and stabilizing the connections you have as a bridge--living here on the earth-in a physical form.

And as we infuse this column with the Violet Flame, we indeed are transforming and transmuting the energy of all that we are….a vehicle of Love.

When this is complete, see the flow from both directions returning simultaneously to your heart once more, and with a prayer of thanks..see the Violet Ball become a Golden/Silver Orb..expanding and dissipating slowly all around you, until you are bathed in a soft Golden/Silver Glow. This seals the experience. And when ready take some deep breaths and open your eyes, and know that the session is complete. Namaste......