The Meaning of Multiple Numbers


I have taken the liberty of transcribing this from Drunvalo Melchizedek's video class..The Flower of Life. This info I am sharing is from 1992.. I believe there are updates about the multiple numbers, in one of his recent books, which I will research. On the video, he speaks of the meaning of number sequences i.e. 333, 444 etc, and their energetic meaning. I was interested in this, because I too, see them and know they are a form of communication .

These numbers can be seen on a license plate, a dollar bill, or a digital clock. They may show up anywhere, such as on TV, or in a movie, or as part of an address on mail you receive. And they usually appear to you over and over again in some form within a matter of a day or two or three. You know it when it happens, for all of a sudden you see the numbers everywhere you look it seems. And the energy he is speaking of, occurs when you see the numbers in threes, not pairings.

So here they are, with all credit to Drunvalo:

000--The great void, like the space between words. It represents an energy field that is switching to a new plan.

111--represents energy flow of, water, sexual energy, electricity, and magnetism

222--related to Ascension and resurrection itself, and is a sign that you are in the middle of a very important process relating to ascension, so look around you in your life, and pay attention to what is happening. It is important to you.

333--This is a number of decision, that you are in the process of decision, and it will either take you to 666, awareness of your physical world, or a 999 which is the number of completion.

444--This is the number relating to the actual resurrection, and when you see this it means that you have just completed a major step towards your ascension. It is a moment to look back and reflect on what has just happened in your life and really notice it.

555--This number has to do with Christ Consciousness itself, and does not come up as often as the others.

666--Has to do with the material world of denseness--our cells in our bodies, which are made up of 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, 6 protons--it is a message to pay attention to your physical reality.

777-- He has no idea what this means ( as of 1992)

888-- Completion of Ascension

999--Completion of something, anything

The numbers 222,444, and 888, all relate in some way to the ascension process itself. These number meanings are from his higher self, and he says quite openly that they may have a different meaning between you and your higher self. Or you and your Higher Self may have a different way of communicating. So I share this as a stepping off point for all of us. Maybe they resonate as truth to you, maybe they mean something else to you. It is for all of us to discover that for ourselves and of course in the process deepen the connection we have with our higher selves.


If in any way I have misinterpreted his statements or written anything incorrectly, my deepest apologies and I welcome any and all corrections.