Archangel Michael

Within the Divine play, 2011 will be a year of fluctuating waves of energy, even more profound than 2010. This is due to the inner self, the God energy, collapsing in on itself continually, as all returns to the center of creation. As this collapsing occurs, pure energy will pulse higher frequency outward in waves, akin to the way that your oceans move. Some moments, the waves will feel relatively calm, but because of the upcoming planetary alignment drawing closer and closer, the wave frequencies are continually vibrating higher dimensions of light. 2011 will find even more truths being revealed within the conscious mind and more new ideas being birthed, that are for the benefit of all of humanity, including the Earth, as well as  the animal and fish kingdoms.
What does this mean for you, in the body, living a human life within all of this change? Certainly awareness is the first key to keeping yourself as calm as possible, both inwardly and outwardly. Be present with each day, each moment, and just follow the flow. Riding the energy wave will be so much easier than resisting it, or attempting to alter it. For the power of destruction/creation, will be very evident to all of humanity this year of 2011. More eyes will see what is happening, more hearts will soften as choices are discovered, revealed and subsequently made.


There will be surprises in the realm of politics as the former ways of governing will continue to collapse. Be aware that there is a possibility for assassination attempts on leaders of countries, as some people react to the changes and feel helpless, vulnerable and very out of control. For due to the many waves, a sense of confusion may reign. Some may feel it for short moments while others will have a hard time finding their way. Those that maintain awareness of the bigger picture and allow the current to breathe through you will find it relatively easy to stay centered.
The middle of the year is a period of even more endings, as seeds planted along the way begin to take root and blossom. On a personal level, it may mean endings within any or all aspects of your life. Jobs, friendships, and group activity may change, as new opportunities reveal themselves. Very established public domains and some large institutions may indeed collapse, as the energies seem to thrust itself with great force upon the old ways.

 Manufacturing and institutions such as department stores and companies will feel the strain, especially those whose foundation began in early or mid last century. Some places of commerce and financial exchange originated in a different  “time”, within an energy that was THEN, and will be forced to change to survive and be in the NOW.  As you remain present in love or peace, even though you may feel temporary effects or emotions, simply allow them to flow through you. Do not hold onto anything, for as all exists in the One consciousness, trust that your ability to stay in the present moment is your one and only life preserver within the waves. Past, present and future and but seconds apart--stability is right now.
The latter part of the year will bring about some advances especially in the medical field, which will include new findings on how to treat certain diseases. Cancer rates will continue to show some decline, and it appears that for the whole year of 2011, the physical heart as well as the heart chakra, is the area of the body that may be the most sensitive to what is happening. BE peaceful as best you can- breathe deeply and if fear presents itself, again simply feel it and let it move. For this year, due to the increase in the waves of destruction and rebirth, fear will continue to pulsate through the mass consciousness. And again it will come and go in large waves. RIDE the waves…….you can do this! The past 10 years have been a training of sorts, as you have learned HOW to find your center, live there and remain stable and steady as much as possible. You may have some doubts about this, but if you reflect on it, you will find the answers and remember. 


 And also remember that what is  occurring within each moment, is not anything new per se--creation is speeding up and ALL experiences will be heightened. This year, 2011, be aware.


These following words originated in the time of the year 2000. As all time exists within the One consciousness, I am re-iterating the bulk of them now, to support each of you. Feel my love flowing within you, as you read on…
Do you remember?……Reach into the space of energy that you always are, the Self, and as you allow the mental barrier to dissolve , remember  the self that is neither born or subject to death. Let your energy drift there as you read these words. Allow the mist to wash away--allow the veil to lift-- and now tell me what you feel……Are you smiling yet? Are you laughing to yourself or out loud, for it just feels so good?
That energy that you feel is one that has no restrictions, no boundaries--no place for you to hold onto or to be anything but pure love. Drink in the sensation, no matter how small it may feel right now. If it feels like a tiny flame in the darkness, hold onto it. And if it is a raging inferno of pleasure, feel that too. For as you feel, you are remembering. And now, take a deep breath. That's right, a good deep breath and let it all out.


It's really happening isn't it? The "---" is really hitting the fan now. These days and the ones to come are what some of you have been waiting for. These are the days for you to stay focused on truth---Divine Truth. Yes, it is all beginning to fall apart and yes, it is time for you to say Hurray!!!
You are an aspect of a greater consciousness, living on Earth for the purpose of Experiencing, Being and Emanating Love­ …in other words, being yourself.   As you remember that your only real choice in this life is whether or not to remember God/Love, you realize that all of your actions and decisions flow within the stream of energy of the choice that you make, in every moment. Be the one in the middle of the fray at the water cooler who interjects a simple and yet profound truth that may jar the awareness of those around you. And that simple truth is..All is in perfect order.  There will be those that will come to you later and want an explanation. How CAN it possibly be in perfect order when there is so much controversy, so much tension, so much mistrust, and so much destruction-?- and on and on. And they will ask how come you are not desperately upset about any of this?
That is when you can smile and say--Change is the one thing that is inherent in every single moment, within life itself. Whether change shows itself via an election, an earthquake, or a loss of a job or a house, isn't that when people rise to the occasion? Isn't that when the cream rises to the top? Isn't that when the human heart reveals its capacity?
Be the quiet center of the storm. Be the tree that is rooted deep into the earth, solid and alive. Be the nourishing spring for those around you to come and drink deeply from. Be at peace, for the energy of love that is you, will never run dry. The sweetness that you felt when you first started to read, is the source of all of your strength and stamina. Remember too, that your physical body is a conduit of and for Gods light and truth.  It is God that moves your hands and feet..God that speaks, and God that breathes and animates every cell.


I, Michael, stand before you, with sword in hand. Feel your own sword of truth--is it next to you? Is it in a sheath around your waist? Is it straight and tall, aligned with your spinal column? Find it, feel it and allow yourself to remember -- allow yourself to feel my strength and love fill you at this very moment. For as you read, I am charging the swords of Divine Truth that you each carry.
In what seems to be eons of time ago, we all gathered at a conference about Earth. We had just finished assisting the residents of a planet in the Andromeda system and were reviewing and learning together. So many of you were intent on being present during this very important time for Earth. You had embodied there so many times already, and had a very soft spot for Her in your hearts. As we sat and viewed the screen, we saw what the present Dream-course was, and it wasn’t looking good. The third dimension was thick with the efforts of many "off planet" forces. And we had seen this before.
We knew that this one dream sequence was just that--One sequence of many. What makes the third dimension a tough experience is that by its energy make-up, it is a field of limited perception. Once you are in it, it is like having blinders on--all the time. And you had experienced that already and not just on Earth. What made this gathering so exciting was that we ALL had been waiting for this time. You knew that you were going to Earth, THIS TIME, to see and know beyond the limited fields of perception, by understanding that living the life of a human, is all that is necessary. For truly, there is nothing to be done except allow God to live, express and create, through you. Attempting to understand the larger scenario that is God’s Plan is futile, for creation will never know the reason why it was created or why it appears to exist.


This mass effort would introduce many new potential dream scenarios, allowing each one alive (including you) to choose for themselves. For as we viewed, we saw, what the effect would be. We saw many humans choose to live within a fog, feeling separate and alone, and we saw many many more choose in each moment, to recognize the God-Light within.
And then we laughed a melancholy laugh together, for we also knew that it meant being in the third dimension, and for a while our perception of the larger picture would be limited or completely forgotten. And you all looked at each other and said, "But, we will have each other."
As the meeting drew to a close, I stood before each one of you, and vowed to watch over you and ensure that you woke up to who you are, at the perfect time. I vowed to never leave your side, and to help you find each other. I stood before you as I stand here today and filled your heart with Divine Truth. The last scene we viewed together, was the dream scenario that was dreamed into being, the dream of a New Earth.
Stand tall my beloved's…for you are witnessing the choice that each one has..to remember God/Love… as well as remembering the leela… the Divine play that is unfolding in every moment, and your participation in it.  Garner strength in this moment as you let go and let God.
Be The Love-Light that You are…Be the Dream that has no ending, but only millions of Beginnings. Peace and Love to Each of you. I stand with you, eternally. I Am Archangel Michael.